Your boat. Your RV. Your extra camping gear. Your motorcycle during the offseason — we get it. There isn’t enough room for everything! Sometimes, your needs go beyond self-storage. All of us at Airport Village self-storage understand that you might want your storage unit for more than just your project car, which is why we offer car, boat, RV storage and more. So, if you have a bicycle that needs storing, or is looking to make room in your garage but doesn’t have anywhere to keep your ATVs, Airport Village Self-Storage has the storage options designed just for you.

Auto and Truck Storage

Your 10X20 storage unit can fit quite a bit, but it probably can’t fit that vintage Chevy and all of your kayaks. Not to mention your ski gear, your wife’s crafting supplies or grandma’s antiques. Luckily for you, Airport Village self-storage offers vehicle storage for driveable and insured vehicles. While you can check out our car storage guide for additional tips, Kelowna self-storage facilities require that your vehicle is registered, insured and have the tires inflated and in excellent condition. 

Like our other self-storage units, we also offer different types of storage for your car or truck. Check out our full list of options below! 

For Kelowna vehicle self-storage, here are the most popular car and truck storage options: 


Enclosed Vehicle Storage

As long as the unit is large enough and the vehicle can be stored without damaging the inside of the unit, some self-storage units allow you to store your car inside a regular storage unit. Be sure to discuss your storage options with the self-storage facility manager, as in some cases, If the car can enter and exit safely without damage to the vehicle or the storage unit, the facility manager will usually allow renters to store their vehicles within appropriately-sized units.

For those looking to store a vintage model or project car, renting an enclosed storage unit will offer the most protection from both the elements and any potential accidents or robberies. Additionally, some units may even offer climate-controlled features, which allows car and truck owners to experience complete and controlled protection. 

Covered Storage

Covered storage provides excellent protection against most elements and can be an affordable option for individuals looking for short-term storage. While the weather is a huge factor for vehicle storage and protection, be sure to take the appropriate precautions for rust, dust, sand, wind, sun, dirt and rain. 

Outdoor Storage 

Choosing outdoor storage for your boat, car, truck or RV is the perfect option for individuals looking for affordable self-storage in Kelowna. While we don’t recommend this option for the long-term vehicle, truck, boat or RV storage, it can be a fantastic choice for short-term storage. For example, storing your car in a protected storage facility compared to the airport parking lot is a much safer option and can provide you with the peace of mind you need while you’re on vacation. Check out Airport Village’s outdoor car, RV and boat storage today! 


Parking Lots

Kelowna self-storage has a myriad of boat and RV storage options, but some are better than others. While some businesses may rent our spaces or covered lots (for a hefty price, at that), it doesn’t always guarantee the protection of your vehicle or any possessions you may have stored in your vehicle. Plus, where would you be if you weren’t storing your vehicle with a reliable storage facility you can trust? 

Be sure to explore all of your car, boat and RV self-storage choices before settling for a spot in a parking lot. 


Boat Storage

If you’re fortunate enough to live near the water, it’s likely that a self-storage facility or dock provides boat storage right on the water. Having dock storage is fantastic, and it’s even better if you can find covered boat storage with a dock near you. However convenient it may be, some boat owners prefer covered, land-based storage to preserve the condition of their boat long-term. Most boat storage is seasonal, but having even during the off-season, knowing that your seaworthy investment is protected against salt, storm and critter damage is worth it for some boat owners. 

If you’re looking for land-based storage options, then you might be interested to know that boat storage is quite similar to RV storage and can be the best option in preserving your boat. Check out our boat storage options today!


RV Storage 

For individuals and families who enjoy taking long road trips, vacations and cross-country treks, having suitable and safe RV storage options is essential during the fall and winter months. It’s rare for many families and individuals (especially those residing in apartments) to have the room to store their RV on their property, but all of us here at Airport Village self-storage can help. 

Without having the space for RV storage, renters can enjoy the convenience, affordability, and care they’ll receive when storing with Airport Village. And with our storage options, you can relax knowing that your RV is well taken care of and not sitting in a small lot on the side of your house. Your RV will experience optimal care with our storage options, and you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from storing with Airport Village

Off-Roading, Electric & Other Vehicles 

For vehicles that may not fit into the conventional boat, RV and car storage options that Airport Village offers, renters can relax knowing that many of our units are perfect for your recreational vehicles. With our 10x10, 10x20 and 10x30 units, you can store: 

  • Motorcycles
  • Ten trailers
  • Wagons
  • Carriages
  • Kayaks
  • Canoes 
  • Water skis 
  • Trailers
  • Scooters
  • Segways 
  • Bicycles
  • Surfboards
  • Paddleboards
  • Lawnmowers 

...and more. Be sure to check out our vehicle storage checklists before you store, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from renting with Airport Village self-storage!