Moving is always an adventure. Finding the right home, the right neighborhood and the right resources are critical. With so many important factors at stake, finding one, convenient place that offers it all -- with the bonus of self-storage, too -- remains ideal. 

With Airport Village Self-Storage, we offer convenient packing and moving supplies at competitive prices to help your moving experience a breeze. Read on and check out the boxes, bubble wrap, tape, locks and more we have to offer below. 

Your Moving, Packing & Self-Storage Needs

Finding self-storage in Kelowna is one thing, but finding the appropriate storage and packing supplies is another entirely. That’s why we’re here to fill in the gaps with the essentials. 

In our self-storage facility office, we offer the following: 

If you’re worried, our boxes also come in a variety of sizes. Our largest boxes are 18x18x24 inches, and our small boxes are 12x16x12 inches with nearly every size in between. 

For heavier objects, we recommend using smaller boxes to distribute the weight more evenly, make these items easier to move and make room for easier organization.  

Big or small, our variety will likely be able to fit your heaviest objects and provide the organization you’re looking for while moving, sorting and re-organizing. 

Convenience & Affordability

At Airport Village Self-Storage, we aim to look out for our renters. Sometimes, finding self-storage, moving and packing essentials cannot be done in one place here in Kelowna. Plus, we understand that sometimes, necessities fall through the cracks. 

As we continue to look out for our customers, we’ll continue to add amenities that make the moving, packing and storing experience easier. From our convenient storage location in Kelowna off of Kel Mac Ct. to our moving and packing supplies right in our office, we continually seek opportunities to provide convenient and affordable amenities for our customers. 

Our friendly staff is always happy to help and if we’re not carrying what you need, we likely will have a sleeve of recommendations to find what you need in the area. 

Drop by Airport Village Self-Storage in Kelowna to check out our storage units, discover affordable packing supplies and improve your moving experience with our amenities, units and more.