Guidance For Using Self-Storage Again in Kelowna

Admin | May 29, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

After sitting in quarantine for months it might seem strange leaving the house to do anything. As social-distancing requirements begin to ease, and people start going back to their standard lives, there are more and more opportunities to make use of self-storage in Kelowna and surrounding areas once again.

We're here to remind you of all the exciting possibilities that self-storage has to offer while still encouraging you to carefully maintain social distancing requirements and to wash your hands and to sanitize shared contact points when accessing a unit of your own. Learn how to make the most of a new storage unit below. 

When to Use Self-Storage in Kelowna

A self-storage unit is a powerful tool, but only when it's used for the right circumstances. In the simplest sense storage units are good in any situation when you have items you want to hold but not get rid of. They work well for cleaning clutter from your home, for storing away seasonal items, or for holding large items you don't have room for at home.

Business owners also make use of self-storage facilities regularly to hold products, tools, and other equipment they simply don't have room for at other locations. Just make sure you're only holding items that you plan to use again or that have great value to you, and avoid storing extra junk that you don't care about for best results. 


Pack, Label and Organize with Care

Once you know which Kelowna self-storage size you're going to need, it's important to package and store your items.  At Airport Village Self Storage, we have packing and moving supplies for sale for your convenience.

Wrap any breakable items in paper, cloth or another soft material to protect it before putting it into a box. Label all your boxes with care and stack them into neat little sections in your storage unit for optimal organization. Try and put the heavy boxes on the bottom and the light items up top for easy access and safety purposes. For more packing tips see our full list.

Make an Inventory

While filling out your storage unit you can also take the time to put together an inventory for your items. Spend time making a list of all the different items in your unit and where those boxes are kept for the best results. Spending just a few hours while loading up your storage to make an inventory will help you find what you're looking for as long as you have your unit. 

As long as you plan on storing valuables at a secure facility like Airport Village Self-Storage you can feel good knowing that your items are well-protected. Just make sure to follow these simple guidelines to help you make the most of your storage and you should get some value from it as a result.