How to Share an Affordable Family Self-Storage Unit

Admin | October 14, 2019 @ 12:00 AM

Many families struggle with storage constraints for where they live, especially if they live in apartments or condos. This leads them to invest in external storage resources like storage units. While a good storage unit is a simple solution for this problem, many units can be costly for a single-family, especially if they only have a small number of belongings to store throughout the year. 

One excellent solution to this problem is sharing self-storage between several sets of friends or family members. This is an excellent cost-saving strategy as long as you trust the people you share with.

Find Friends and Family Members

The first step to making use of this cost-saving technique is to talk with the friends and family members you know that might also want self-storage to access. Once you find a few other people, you can talk about investing in one big storage unit that you can all share. This is likely to be an appealing option for everyone because it helps everyone save money. 

Decide on the Right Size

After you know who you want to share storage with, everyone must discuss and agree on their storage needs. Quality family self-storage facilities often offer spaces as large as 10' x 30' for oversized storage needs. 

Everyone must decide on how much space they want so you can choose the appropriate unit. If one family needs more space than another you could always split the cost and the portioning of the unit out differently based on need as well. 

This is the ideal setup for several people sharing the same unit and allows everyone to get what they need. 

Save Money by Sharing Storage

When looking at a typical high-quality self-storage facility like Airport Village self-storage it's easy to see how sharing storage could save you money. Obtaining two of the 5' x 5' storage spaces costs much more than a single 5' x 10' unit and the savings work for larger sized units as well. 

By splitting a large unit up with multiple people you can have affordable self-storage that you can all enjoy. Just make sure you know how to share your storage space and that you trust everyone with access.

Even insurance won't cover damage or theft when it's done by someone else with access to the unit. Consider using this storage-sharing technique to cut down on costs and get all the storage you need for less and a top-quality climate-controlled location like Airport Village Self-Storage.