Kelowna Self-Storage Tips: Organizing a Bedroom

Admin | April 26, 2021 @ 12:00 AM

Now that winter is over, you may be ready for some spring cleaning and organization. No matter how big or small your bedroom is, these bedroom organization tips from Airport Village Self-Storage are tried and true and sure to help get your bedroom organized into top shape.

Use the Space Under the Bed 

If your bedroom is feeling cluttered, one of the best places to store things without losing space is under the bed. Whether you want to get a storage container or just put things under the bed, it’s a great place for easy storage.

If you find yourself with more items than space under your bed, our storage in Kelowna has all the space you need to keep those extra items safe and secure.


Another certain way to get your bedroom organized is to simply declutter. Go through your items and make space for items you want to store, items you want to keep, and items you want to trash or donate.

Items you use every day or frequently, keep them nearby. Items that you don’t use frequently or are sentimental, put in the storage pile. Self storage is a great option for items like these. Last, for items you don’t use at all, or that you didn’t even know you had, consider donating them or trashing them.

Use Functional Furniture

When we say use functional furniture, that is to say, use furniture that can serve a secondary function. You can find beds that have headboards with extra storage, or chairs or loveseats with storage inside or underneath.

If your functional furniture is still overflowing and you have more stuff than space, our self-storage in Kelowna is a great option to free up extra space in your bedroom.


Install Shelving Units 

Our last bedroom organization tip is to install shelving units. Shelves can be installed almost anywhere and they help keep your bedroom decluttered. Instead of storing frames and artwork on top of dressers or tables, store them on shelves where you can both see them and they’ll be out of the way.

Too many frames or too much artwork? No problem! Our Kelowna self-storage has enough space for all your memories and masterpieces.


Airport Village Self-Storage Can Help With Bedroom Organization 

If you’re finding your bedroom is feeling smaller and smaller, it’s probably just accumulating things over time. Not to worry, Airport Village’s storage in Kelowna has plenty of room for everything — big or small — that you may want to store. Visit us online today to see how we can help you get started with self-storage today!