Packing and Moving Tips for Self-Storage

Moving is hard, why not make it easier with great organization and proper storing techniques? Many people don’t plan moving well enough in advance, which causes stress when it comes time to actually pack and move. Below, we have compiled our top recommendations to make packing and moving less of a hassle. Enjoy!

Best Box Packing Techniques

First and foremost, how you pack your belongings matters. It’s best to use small to medium boxes so none of them weigh over 50 lbs and are easy to lift and store. Organize by creating labels for your boxes, and try using different colors or labels for each room. Anything fragile should be packed together and wrapped in newspaper or bubble wrap, and be sure to label these boxes as ‘fragile.’

These techniques will ensure that your boxes are organized and easy to find and unpack when the time comes!

Keep an Inventory of Items

Great organization begins with documentation. To master your own organization techniques, try writing down what items are in what box and where the box is.

When it comes to self-storage, proper organization is key to not getting frustrated later on. After the boxes are properly labeled, write down where you put them in your storage unit. Your inventory list should include the monetary value of more expensive items, just in case they are stolen. With Airport Village, however, you can have peace of mind knowing that with our amazing security system, 24-hour cameras, and online access, your items aren’t going anywhere. 

Pick the Right Unit

Choosing the right self-storage unit is the most important part of our moving and packing tips. How much space do you need? After determining the right size, figure out if you need a climate-controlled storage unit.

If you’re storing anything that can be damaged by extreme heat or cold, definitely choose a climate-controlled self-storage option. At Airport Village, all of our storage units come climate-controlled, so your items are safe and sound!

We hope these self-storage packing and moving tips will help you in your endeavors. If you’re still unsure of how to choose a self-storage unit, check out the Eight Things to Look for in a Storage Facility. Happy moving!