Hidden Storage Hacks For Kelowna Homes

Admin | July 6, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

Kelowna is home to a wide range of house types, but many local homeowners find themselves with more stuff than they do room to keep it. If your house is feeling cluttered, and you're searching for a bigger home to upgrade to, consider adding some hidden storage enhancements to your house before buying a place with more square footage to work with. These simple hidden storage hacks will help you neatly tuck away more items than you'll believe possible, and many won't cost you much at all to use!


Toss Out Unnecessary Items


While this doesn't go along with the rest of the tips and recommendations here, it's often best to take the time to sort through your belongings and get rid of items you don't use often, that don't function properly or that are duplicates you don't need. If you start with this step you will reduce the number of items you need to put into storage, and you'll have less work to go through when it comes time to revamp your home and create extra storage space. 


Make the Most of Uncommon Storage Spaces for Added Room


When you want to create space or your valuables, you need to look in the parts of your home that aren't being utilized to their full potential. Many people can create space for all their kitchen spices using a special shelf that rolls in between the space between the refrigerator and the wall. There are storage bins and drawers designed to roll under beds, under couches, and other low-lying pieces of furniture in your home. You can also invest in furniture that's designed to be hollow and include storage space inside. Beds, stools, tables, and more can come with built-in storage space. Finally, make the most of the space behind cabinet doors, and other doors in your home to make room for extra storage solutions. It's also helpful to have access to storage units in Kelowna to hold seasonal items and other extras you don't need all year. 


Build Storage into Your Walls


Many clever homeowners actually build their additional storage space right into the walls throughout their home. Before you start picking out items to add to your self-storage in Kelowna, consider adding storage optimizations like faux air vents and wall decor that folds out with a hinge to reveal hidden shelves behind. You can get loads of extra storage with this method as long as you don't mind modifying your home to do so. Be careful to avoid electrical lines, heat ducts, and other things running through your walls when doing this. 


Add Drawers to Stairs


One powerful way that you can add significant storage to your home is to invest in staircase drawers. You can add as few or as many pull-out drawers to your stairs to give you the room you need for all sorts of accessories. These drawers make excellent spaces for shoes, seasonal items, and other extras that take up space in the average home.  

Invest in Hollow Furniture Pieces


Sometimes adding precious storage space to your home is as simple as getting a decorative trunk, a hollow side table, and a footstool with a storage compartment inside. Look at the area you need more storage in and see if there is a furniture item you can add to the space that will meet your need. 


Make up the Difference with Kelowna Storage Units


After going through your home and adding as much hidden storage as you can, it's time to consider external storage in Kelowna as well. If your home is feeling cluttered, you can get enough Kelowna self-storage space to hold all your extras with ease. Look into Airport Village Storage with excellent security features and a range of storage units to choose from and you can get the room you need to live comfortably. 


Whether you just need a bit more room for shoes and other extras, or you need to fully revamp your home, you can use these ideas to maximize your home's storage space so you can live comfortably. You can also supplement your home with self-storage for the most comfortable living environment in Kelowna.