3 Tips for Deep Cleaning Your Storage Unit

Admin | February 8, 2021 @ 12:00 AM

When it’s time to deep clean your storage unit, that thought might be overwhelming or daunting. Don’t let it be! It doesn’t have to be a huge job, especially if you follow these three tips from Airport Village Self-Storage.

Turn deep cleaning your self-storage unit into something manageable with these quick ideas.

First, Make a Game Plan

It may sound simple, but making a game plan will help you in your quest to clean your Kelowna storage unit. Think through the job from beginning to end and decide what — and who — you’ll need to help you finish the job quickly and efficiently.

Decide exactly what needs to be done. Are you decluttering? Reorganizing? Sweeping and cleaning the walls and floors? After deciding on your specific plans, then start to put together a plan for making it happen. Get friends. Get cleaning supplies. Get ready for step two.

Second, Divide and Conquer

Once you have your plan, it’s time to start doing the work. Bring a couple of friends or family members if possible, and you’ll be amazed how much faster the job can go. Assign each person an area of your Kelowna self-storage unit and execute the game plan.

Along the line of divide and conquer, do the same with your items. If your Kelowna self-storage space seems to be getting smaller, you probably need to downsize and declutter.

Divide your items into things you want to keep, save, trash, or donate. Having a friend can really help you make the right decisions when deciding what to keep.

Last, Use Logic When Repacking

Once you’ve planned and executed, it’s time to put all your items back into your Kelowna storage unit. You may be exhausted from the job, but resist the temptation to simply throw everything back in and shut the door.

Organizing your unit logically will save you time and headaches in the future. Store items you use less often in the back since you won’t need to access them as often. Be sure to leave a path around your self-storage so you don’t have to climb over boxes to get to anything. Label everything so you never have to tear open box after box to find what you need.

If you need storage units in Kelowna, Airport Village has different sizes and amenities that will cater to your every need. Come see us or visit avstorage.ca.