3 Reasons for Business Storage with Airport Village

Admin | March 16, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

Does your business need some extra space? Self-storage is a great option for many companies who need to keep documents and records, office materials, or inventory in a safe place when not being used. Business and commercial storage has become increasingly popular for a variety of industries. It doesn’t matter if you’re a mom and pop shop just getting started or a huge corporation, everyone can benefit from having a little extra room! Here are three reasons you should consider Kelowna Self-Storage for business:

Storing Electronics and Documents

Chances are, your business has a lot of electronics and documents that require a secure and temperature-controlled environment. Business storage includes putting these things in a place where they won’t be damaged or in your way at the office or at home. At Airport Village Self-Storage, we recommend using a climate-controlled storage unit to keep these items in pristine condition until they are needed. Climate-controlled units will ensure that no humidity or extreme temperatures harm your electronics and papers!

Keeping Your Inventory

Business storage is also great for keeping your inventory somewhere. Selling clothes as an online retailer? Keep your items organized in self-storage and get returns delivered right back to your storage unit. That’s right - we accept packages! No matter what business you’re running, if you’ve got a product, it needs a place to go. Airport Village Self-Storage has tons of options too, ranging from 5x5 units all the way to 10x30, so you’ll have the space you need at a price you’ll love. 

Moving is Easy

If you’re currently moving office spaces or opening up a new branch, business storage is right for you. Keep everything together and organized in a safe, secure place while you’re moving. We offer month-to-month rentals at our Kelowna self-storage facility so you won’t have to pay for more time than you need. Plus, our facilities are fully-fenced and have electronic security access codes so you don’t have to worry about burglaries. That’s just one more reason to consider commercial storage. 

Business storage can be greatly beneficial for companies looking to expand, move, and store. Now, choose a facility you can trust in and remember if you’re looking for Kelowna self-storage, Airport Village has you covered!