Organize Your Wardrobe with Kelowna Self-Storage

Admin | August 24, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your closet situation at home? Do you have to avoid clothing purchases because you don't know where you will put new items, even if you love them? Well, we have a solution for you. We've all dealt with closet clutter, but there are ways to revitalize your closet with ease.

Use our tips to help you work in the storage space, you need to keep all the clothing that matters, and to keep it fully organized too. Learn how you can utilize simple organizational techniques to transform your space and how storage units in Kelowna will help meet all your space needs if your home storage fills up. With access to the right Kelowna storage and our approach to organization, you'll have a roomy closet that you love soon. 

Declutter First and Avoid Adding Needlessly

Before you start thinking about how you can organize all that you have and how you'll implement our wardrobe storage ideas, look through your closet for items you don't wear often. This includes things with sentimental value, that don't fit or that you just don't use.

Pile these things up, and decide what you need to keep for sentimental reasons, what you want to give away, and what items you want to hold in case you decide to use them in the future. Pack up the sentimental items and the hold for later items into protective boxes and put them straight into home storage or a self-storage unit to get them out of your space. Whatever is remaining is what you have to organize. 

Invest in Special Hangers and Dividers

Once you've sorted your clothing and put it all back in your closet, if you still need more space to work with, you should invest in special hangers, storage boxes, and dividers to help you sort out your stuff. Get thin hangers for thin shirts and other compact items.

Get multi-tiered hangers for skirts, shorts, and other pieces that can be stacked. Invest in storage boxes and dividers for bulky items. It's home storage ideas like these that will give you extra space to work with, so you can take a cluttered closet and make it into a relaxing space. 

Stretch Storage Vertically

If you have the space available, a good wardrobe storage organizer will tell you to stretch your storage as vertical as you can. Add shelves, boxes, and other storage tools to help you make the most of all the space available even if that space is over your existing closet. To make the most of your home storage space, you need to be willing to utilize whatever is available to you. 

Place Bulky Items Elsewhere

A quick tip to help open more space on your hangers is to take off bulky sweatshirts, pants, and other thick items and to place them into boxes or on shelves instead. Fold them neatly and keep them out of the way. You'll hang far more pieces of clothing when you keep the large items off your hangers. 

Make Extra Space Using Self-Storage

Once you've followed all the other steps above and you're still in need of space, it's time to turn to Kelowna self-storage facilities. Find a space that's reliable, spacious, and safe, like ours at Airport Village. Choose a unit size that fits all your clothing in comfortably, and avoid going to a size that's larger than necessary.

Once you have self-storage in Kelowna, you trust, move seasonal items, items with sentimental value, and anything you aren't sure you want to keep to your storage, so you have all the room you need in your home wardrobe for the things that matter most.