Using Storage to Improve Your Living Room

Admin | November 1, 2023 @ 12:00 AM

Now that spring is here, you may feel the need to redecorate or renovate your living room. 

Whether you choose a big or small project, Airport Village Self Storage in Kelowna has a few ideas for making the improvements go as smoothly as possible.

H2: First, Choose Colors and Art That Pops

One of the easiest ways to improve your living room is with new colors through paint and art.

Painting is usually a simple enough job to be accomplished in just a few hours. Tired of the bleak, bland, and boring? Try a new color that really gives your living room some life and vibrancy. If you’re not ready to make such a big change, consider painting an accent wall instead.

Artwork is another easy way to give your living room a new vibe. Move things around, re-frame them, or just swap out your art and decor for something new. Our Kelowna storage units make a perfect place for storing art and decor for the next time you’re ready for a new look.

Have a “Catch All” Basket or Bin

Have you noticed that pretty much every flat surface in your living room tends to accumulate clutter? To reduce that chaos, consider adding a catch-all basket or bin. Choose something chic and stylish that fits your style and also fits your living space.

If you find there’s just too much clutter and your catch-all storage is overflowing, consider putting items in self-storage to keep them out of sight but still accessible whenever needed. 

Use Vertical Space

Rather than set things like picture frames or artwork on tables, use vertical space in your living room. Hang things on the wall and get creative!

Another idea might be to install vertical shelving. Putting in shelving units can be super simple, and that can give you more space for displaying things you love. Rather than displaying all your photos and decor all at once, keep items in self-storage and bring them out seasonally or quarterly. 

Rugs Can Make a Huge Difference

Another great and simple idea to improve your living room is to keep a few rugs handy and swap them out seasonally.

Our Kelowna self-storage is a perfect place to keep a couple of rugs, and that way you don’t have to do much to get a brand new feel for your living room every few months. Replacing flooring can be a huge job, but rugs can accomplish a similar feeling with virtually no effort. 

If you’ve found you need a little more space to control the clutter in your living room, or just to keep things safe and sound while you renovate, consider using Airport Village storage units in Kelowna. Visit us online or call 250-862-2504 to get started.