The 10 Best Spring Cleaning Tips

Admin | April 20, 2023 @ 12:00 AM

With spring practically here it’s a great time to start cleaning out your house or apartment. However, you don’t want to go into the process blind! That’s why there are 10 great tips you should utilize. 

1. Make a Plan

What areas do you need to focus on the most and what do you want to accomplish? Make a careful plan. 

2. Delegate Tasks

If you live with roommates or family, delegating certain tasks can be useful. While not everyone will be enthused when it comes to spring cleaning, communicate and try to assign tasks that people would like to do. 

3. Break Up Bigger/Annoying Tasks into Small Projects

The thought of tackling your basement or attic can sound challenging. Instead of leaving it for last, consider breaking it up into smaller increments. 

4. Buy Supplies If Needed

While you’ll probably already have some basic cleaning supplies, chances are you will need to buy additional sprays and potentially other supplies. It’s okay to go back to the store if needed, but try to get everything you need before you begin. 

5. Know When to Take a Break

Thoroughly cleaning out every nook and cranny can be daunting. That’s why R&R is important. 


6. Don’t Forget the Ceilings

Dust and other particles can accumulate everywhere which is why you want to make sure you’re cleaning the ceilings of each room as well as the walls. 

7. Get Backup 

If you’re not living with anyone, you can still enlist the help of friends or family or even decide to pay someone to help. For friends and family, you can always try bribing them with a meal or helping them with their spring cleaning/chores. 

8. Check the Outside

Spring cleaning can also refer to the exterior of your home. Anything from cleaning out your gutters, fixing the loose shingles, etc. can be tasks. 

9. Purge Items

Chances are when you’re going through your items you’ll find things you no longer need. Don’t be afraid to donate, sell, or toss away clutter. 

10. Utilize Self Storage

Finally, you can utilize self storage to place excess items that you don’t have the space for. For self-storage in Kelowna, many people turn to Airport Village

Use Airport Village to Help with Spring Cleaning

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