How to Care For Your Delicate Items in Winter Storage

Admin | January 13, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

Winters in Canada can be unforgiving, especially to valuable items in storage. That’s why your best option for Kelowna storage is a climate-controlled unit that will keep your delicate belongings at the proper temperature for storage. However, even if you don’t rent a climate-controlled self-storage unit, you can keep your peace of mind about your items with the following tips: 

Storing Seasonal Items

The most popular items for winter storage are seasonal items including summer clothing, lawn equipment, and sometimes even food. We recommend boxing similar items together and putting seasonal items towards the front of your storage unit because you’ll probably need them within the next year. When stacking boxes, make sure to put the heavier items on the bottom to prevent toppling. 

Winter Car Storage

Storing your car properly in the winter is essential for avoiding repairs when spring comes. Some vehicles just do better out on the road in summer, especially project cars that you don’t want out on the salty roads. First, wash your car inside and out so it’s ready for you come spring. Don’t forget to change your oil and fill up your tank! Then, you'll want to disconnect your car battery or trickle charger and store it in a warm place, remember to start your car occasionally. Cover your car to complete your winter car storage experience! 

Storing Delicate Items

Self-storage in the winter means taking extra good care of fragile items. Electronics should have batteries removed and stored elsewhere to prevent corrosion and leakage. Put electronics in their original packaging if possible, otherwise, they can be wrapped up and stored in boxes. We highly recommend that books and other paper documentation be either wrapped and stored in plastic boxes or sealed in individual bags. 

We hope this winter storage guide helps with your Kelowna self-storage experience. Whether you’re putting seasonal items away for a few months or keeping your project car safe and sound during the cold weather, Airport Village has the facilities to help with it all. We offer climate-controlled, ground-level units perfect for storing items in the winter. Enquire today!