Storage & Organization Ideas for Your Bathroom

Admin | July 1, 2021 @ 12:00 AM

If you’re feeling restless and want to get things done around the house, organizing your bathroom can be a simple project that can feel amazing when it’s done. 


Want a few ideas? Airport Village has put together a few ideas for organizing your bathroom and showing you how our storage units in Kelowna can help.


Start with Decluttering  


The first thing to do if you’re wanting to get your bathroom storage organized is to simply declutter. Getting rid of things may sound easier than it is, however, but you can do it!


Go through all your bathroom items, particularly the little things that always seem to cause clutter in your drawers and countertops. If it’s something you use daily, keep it. If it’s something you want to keep but don’t necessarily use all the time, consider using self-storage


It’s amazing how much cleaner your entire home can feel if you use a Kelowna storage unit to store your odds and ends. 


Organize Things By Usage

Along these same lines, organize things in your bathroom by the amount you use them. Something like a toothbrush or comb, place these in the most accessible places like the front of your drawer or somewhere on your countertop that won’t feel too cluttered. 

If you have things you don’t use as often, store these towards the back of drawers, or consider having a drawer where you only store lesser-used items. 


Use Drawer Organizers and Baskets or Bins

When it comes to bathroom storage, space is always at a premium. Because space is limited, it’s a great idea to use drawer organizers, as well as baskets or bins to keep things in order.


Drawer organizers are great for keeping your smaller items in line, and as we mentioned in the last step, they make it easy to organize your items by usage.


Baskets or bins work as a great place to store random items. If it’s something you want to keep but don’t necessarily need in your drawer, a basket or bin is a great place to keep things where you need them but still out of the way.


Store Non-Frequented Items Elsewhere

Have you ever noticed that your bathroom seems to collect all sorts of random items from throughout the house? As you go through your bathroom storage and organization, make a pile of things that just don’t belong there.


If your pile of random stuff gets too big, our Kelowna storage is a great place to put everything you don’t need in your home all the time, but close enough you’ll always know where it is. 


Install Extra Space if Needed


The last idea for bathroom storage and organization is to get creative with your storage. Bathrooms always seem to need just a bit more space, and if you get creative, you can make that happen.


What do we mean by getting creative? Use something like a shower caddy, which is basically a little shelving unit for your shower. There you can keep all your shampoo, razors, soap, and everything else that may tend to end up on the countertop.


Another idea is to install shelving or cabinets over the toilet or over the sink. That is usually space that gets wasted, so putting shelves there can really clear up extra space elsewhere in the bathroom.


If you’re organizing your bathroom and realize you simply need more space, let Airport Village’s Kelowna storage help. We’ve got all the space you need to keep your bathroom — and your home — uncluttered and organized.