Self-Storage Smart Entry System

Admin | May 21, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

Thanks to the rise of technology during this modern age, many of us are able to connect, work from home, and accomplish a great deal without risking too much physical and social interaction. With features, tools, and amenities such as Bluetooth, 4G, and online access of our essential and non-essential, we enjoy having the same, seamless integration as everyone else. 

Airport Village Storage is right there with you, which is why we’ve invested in a few self-storage features that will take your storage experience to the next level. 

So, without further ado, Airport Village Storage would like to introduce wireless, mobile storage unit access with our Smart Entry System.

Mobile Access

With our self-storage Smart Entry System, renters can enjoy accessing their Kelowna self-storage unit with a few amazing features. Thanks to our app or the option of a Bluetooth-enabled wireless key FOB, renters can:

...all without getting out of the car, remembering pin numbers, or keeping various keys on their person. The smartphone apps also allow renters to check access activity, like dates and access times and have the convenience of Airport Village Storage’s contact information. Renters can easily change the settings of the app on their phone, as well as make payments and request support, all in one convenient location.

Smart Sensor Systems

Many renters have thought up new ways to make their storage experience more convenient and secure. With the addition of our Smart Entry System at Airport Village Storage, renters can enjoy a new level of protection with our interior motion sensors and unit door status updates. 

Each storage unit is equipped with a thermal and motion sensor. Motion sensors will notify the renter and the site manager of motion inside the unit, which can help increase security, provide alerts, and prevent unauthorized access to their units and the units nearby. 

Additionally, the exterior indicator of each illuminates red when the unit is locked, and green when the unit is unlocked, showing the status of their unit. Each unit’s sensor is hardwired, so renters can enjoy the status of their unit when accessing their storage. 

Wireless Access Options

Our Smart Entry System provides dozens of options for those at any stage of their life, no matter where they are in the world. For those who are smart phone-savvy, feel free to use our app and mobile options to customize individual access for anyone, right from your phone. You can provide or revoke self-storage access to your roommates, neighbors, parents, friends, and family anywhere at any time. 

If you’re smartphone-free, then you can enjoy all of the benefits of remote access from a wireless FOB option. Our wireless FOB option gives you access to all gates, units, doors, and more that you would normally have access to. This alternative is perfect for grandparents, senior citizens, the not-so-tech-savvy, and tech-free. It’s also great for kids and individuals who don’t always carry their phones with them. 

Come down and enjoy all of Kelowna’s self-storage’s amenities at Airport Village Storage!