Let Self-Storage Aid in Your Landscaping

Admin | May 31, 2021 @ 12:00 AM

Spring has sprung and it’s finally time to get out into the garden again. This spring and summer, landscaping can be a simple and fun way to spruce up your yard. 

Below are a few ideas from Airport Village on how to use our storage units in Kelowna for landscaping, tool storage and more. 


Start With a Plan


The first step towards landscaping this season is starting with a plan. Decide exactly what you want to do and how you want things to look. 

Choose color schemes and choose regionally appropriate plants, meaning if you live in a desert, choose low-maintenance, low water landscape items. If you need specific tools, decide what you’ll need and when, and either plan to purchase or rent them.

If you purchase tools, our storage in Kelowna is a great place to keep them when you’re not using them. This keeps your garage open and clutter-free but allows for easy access whenever you’ve got that gardening itch.


Flowers Can Change Everything

One of the most simple ways to change and upgrade your landscaping is flowers. Not only are they inexpensive, but they add gorgeous colors which can completely change the feel of your yard. Flower pots are a great way to display these beautiful plants, and when winter comes, they’re easy to store in our Kelowna self-storage units.

Flowers can be purchased in bloom from hardware or landscape stores, or grown from seed. Either way, you shouldn’t need too many items, just potting soil and a shovel. You’ll be impressed how much a few flowers can change the look of your landscape.


Use Your Space Creatively   

Whether you have a small yard or a huge space, you can get creative. If you’ve got lots of space, consider setting up an entertaining area with fragrant plants and lawn furniture to match your style. Outdoor furniture is a relatively inexpensive way to better enjoy the outdoors, and it can be used for both entertaining and relaxation. And, when winter rolls around, it’s quick and easy to move into storage units.

If your yard is small, prioritize the plants and design elements that will give your yard the most pop and don’t worry about overdoing it. 


Organize Your Equipment

The last landscaping tip is to organize your equipment in a way that both keeps things organized but also makes them easy to access.

Using hooks is a great way to keep rakes and shovels handy but not cluttering your garage. If you have smaller items, shelving is another quick and simple way to keep things organized but not all over the place.

For bigger items like lawnmowers, aerators, tillers, and sod cutters, storage may be your best bet. Not only will a storage unit give you more space in your garage or shed, but it will keep your items safe and dry through the winter.

If you’re ready to store some yard work tools to get your landscaping done this spring, Airport Village offers storage units in Kelowna to give you the space you need to turn your lawn into your masterpiece. Call us at 250-862-2504 to see how we can aid in your landscape project.