Using Self Storage For Charitable Donations

Admin | October 22, 2019 @ 12:00 AM

Many charities today gather up and give out non-perishable food items on a regular basis. These charities often collect food throughout the week or even the month and then give it away in a big donation to a local food bank or to individuals in need. Running this type of charity can be difficult without a central storage facility to rely on. 

That's why storage units can improve operations in a big way. Consider talking with local facilities about a self-storage charity operation and you will likely find an efficient storage solution that can save everyone in your charity time and maybe even money.

Learn more about the benefits of using self-storage for a food charity below.

Find a Large Enough Storage Space

The most important step in this whole process is deciding on a self-storage unit footprint that's going to work well for your charity. If you're storing non-perishable goods you should consider how large your storage shelves are, how many racks you need and if you want extra capacity in the future or not.

Take measurements and decide on a unit size between 5' x 5' and 10' x 30'. Most charities will be able to pick a footprint in that range that works well for them, but you must consider how much space you'll need for walking and for any extra equipment you want to store.

Make Drop Offs and Pickups Easy with the Right Location

The purpose of storage units for charities that collect and give away goods like food is to make sure the goods are located centrally for maximum convenience. Consider where you give food away most frequently as well as where you collect food.

You'll want to be able to easily pick up and donate storage unit contents whenever you need to, which means you need a prime location. Talk with the other charity members to see what they think so you get an optimal storage unit size. 

At Airport Village Self-Storage, we are centrally located and ideal for charity work with our climate-controlled storage units. 

Easily Share Responsibilities with a Shared Unit

The right storage unit makes it easy for you to share responsibilities among the different members of your charity organization. Make sure the right people have access to the unit so they can travel to the location and access it for drop-offs, pick-ups and for processing and organizing. 

With a unit at Airport Village Self-Storage, you can have a secure but convenient location that your key charity members can make use of. We have the self-storage solutions that can help you streamline your organization and result in less time required for everyone to manage it effectively.