Kelowna Self-Storage Guide for New Renters

Admin | January 11, 2021 @ 12:00 AM

If you're in need of extra space for items at home, self-storage units in Kelowna are some of the most convenient options available. Unfortunately, it's not always obvious how to make use of self-storage facilities and some locations are better than others. If you're planning to get a storage unit, learn how to select the best unit and make the most of the space by using our in-depth guide. 


Selecting the Best Unit Size


If you haven't used a storage unit before it can be difficult deciding which size to get. Airport Village Self Storage has storage units in Kelowna ranging in size from a 5'x5' unit up to a 10' x 30' unit. To give you an idea about the space available in these units, consider that a 5' x 5' space is around the size of a compact closet while upgrading to a 5' x 10' is like switching to a walk-in closet. A 10' x 10' is similar to a standard bedroom, while a 10' x 20' is around the size of a one-car garage and a 10' x 30' is a one and a half car garage. Consider the items you want to store and think about which of these reference spaces would hold your belongings best. 


The trick to selecting a space is avoiding a unit that's larger than necessary while still getting enough space for your belongings, but you can always switch to a different size later on as long as additional units are available to you. 


Considering Climate Controlled Spaces


Airport Village Self Storage has some units that come loaded with climate-controlled features. This means that the temperature and humidity levels are managed over time to keep more sensitive items in good condition. If you plan on storing delicate electronics, books, antiques, and other easily-damaged valuables it is often worth the added cost to get a climate-controlled space. These spaces prevent moisture-related problems from occurring while also limiting temperature extremes, which can cause issues for some valuables. 


Keeping Your Storage Organized

One of the challenges that you'll face when using storage in Kelowna is maintaining organization as you add your belongings. It's easy to allow things to get disorganized, but using a system that allows you to know where every item is located will make your unit more useful to you. 


Start by labeling your boxes and consider being descriptive if you have many boxes with the same theme. For instance, when you have multiple boxes with holiday decorations, add descriptors such as "ornaments" or "Halloween costumes" to help you guess the contents of each box. 


It's also a good idea to stack boxes in like groups and to create walking paths you can use to access everything in your unit without having to move stacks of boxes around. Try and keep these tips in mind when setting up your storage unit for the first time. 


Store Your Valuables with Care


By spending extra time ensuring your valuables are kept stored properly, you'll keep your items in better shape over time. Take a moment to wrap up fragile items in bubble wrap or with packing paper. Seal books in waterproof containers and wrap them in a cloth material to prevent issues with moisture. Consider using a wardrobe box for valuable clothing to prevent them from excessive wear. Invest a bit of money into storage equipment and you're valuables will remain in better shape over time. 

Try and Reserve a Unit During Off Times


Most storage facilities are busiest during the summer months and this is true for Kelowna self-storage as well. If you plan on getting a self-storage unit, you'll have the biggest selection to choose from during the winter months when self-storage isn't as popular. This is also the time of year when you'll be most likely to get the lowest prices on rentals. Choosing a calm time of year to get storage for yourself is a good move if you can plan ahead that far, but if you need storage now you should check the location near you to see what's available as soon as possible. Top facilities allow interested customers to reserve a unit before they make a purchase, so get your space today. 

Hopefully, this simple guide helps you understand how to make the most of self-storage in Kelowna. Try and keep our tips in mind and you can enjoy as many of the perks that storage units have to offer you. Explore our units and rent today!