Manage Your Cluttercore Obsession with Kelowna Storage

Admin | July 30, 2021 @ 12:00 AM

A new trend of design, cluttercore, gives a name to something many of us didn’t even know we were doing. Cluttercore is a way of decorating that, “focuses on cluttering your room with things you love1.”

So, being cluttered is an aesthetic? Well, sort of. Cluttercore walks a fine line between organization and chaos, and if you aren’t careful, it can stop being cluttercore and just end up as clutter. Luckily, Airport Village has self-storage in Kelowna that can help manage this.

Choose Your Clutter Wisely

Since space is generally limited, cluttercore only works if it has some boundaries. Choose only things you really want around to maintain a theme and showcase your best items.

Use storage bins and closets to keep items from totally taking over and avoiding the types of overwhelming clutter that you don’t want. The biggest thing is to make sure you walk that line and keep things organized rather than chaotic.


If You Don’t Love It, Store It

The whole point of cluttercore is to fill your space with things you love. This works well, but only if you keep it strictly to things you love.

If you have something you don’t love or really need to have out, put it into self-storage. This will help keep your space organized and not just a big mess. Big messes aren’t considered cluttercore, they’re just called clutter.


Get Creative


If you want to manage your cluttercore obsession and still keep some semblance of order in your space, get creative.

Group your things together by use or category. This will mean, despite having lots of stuff on display, you can always find what you are looking for. After all, cluttercore still needs some structure.

Also, if you have a large book collection, consider organizing them by color to achieve a unique aesthetic. It will make your books serve as both books and a great set of colorful wall decor.


Use Wall Space

Speaking of wall decor, if you’re trying to get more cluttercore and less clutter, find creative ways to utilize wall space.

Rather than displaying photos and art on flat surfaces like counters, tables, or dressers, use the vertical wall space for these. Instead of storing items on your desk, install vertical wall shelving to give you more space around the room.

Airport Village Can Help Manage Your Cluttercore

One of the biggest reasons things go from cluttercore to chaos is the lack of space. When you run out of space, things just tend to accumulate.

If you’re out of space and want to go from cluttered to cluttercore, Airport Village has self-storage in Kelowna to help. We have multiple sizes of self-storage, so no matter how much or how little you need to store, we’ve got you covered. Call us at 250-862-2504 to reserve your storage today.