Finding the Perfect Long-Term Car Storage

Admin | November 8, 2019 @ 12:00 AM

If you're the owner of several vehicles, there is a good chance you're actively looking for a place to store some of the extras. For many vehicle owners, self-storage facilities are the best locations for keeping extra cars, trucks or even RVs stored out of the way. These facilities are often designed with large vehicles in mind and extra steps are taken to offer a top-level of protection. 

Finding the right car storage location can be difficult though. That's why we made this list of tips for locating the best facility to keep your vehicles at. Use them to help you choose the perfect space for your cars and they'll stay well-protected from thieves and the elements when they're not in use. 

Decide Just How Much Protection is Enough

The first step to deciding on the right self-storage facility to keep your vehicle at is deciding just how much protection you need for your ride. Decide whether you want indoor or outdoor storage. Also, consider whether climate-controlled space is vital to you or not. Outdoor parking will be the most affordable, but indoor will offer a superior level of protection.

Consider that if you use outdoor storage you'll want to purchase a car cover to help protect your ride from the elements during storage. Airport Village self-storage offers outdoor parking spaces as well as indoor climate-controlled drive up units. 

Get Just the Right Space for Your Vehicle

Measure your vehicle to determine how wide and long it is so you know what spaces will work for long-term car storage for you. Most compact vehicles will fit into a 10' x 15' storage space, but longer vehicles will require a 10' x 20' space or even a 10' x 30' space when storing indoors. If you have something that's longer than 30' you will have to rely on an outdoor parking space for up to 54' of length overall when storing at a location like Airport Village vehicle storage. 

Choose a space that fits your vehicle as closely as possible and you can reduce your storage costs somewhat. 

Look for Reliable Security

When you're storing your vehicle for the off-season you want to make sure it's held in a facility that's going to guard it well. This is another area that Airport Village storage units stand out. Many of the top options are outfitted with motion-detectors to help ensure the facility is well-protected. When you have a valuable vehicle it's best to store it somewhere it's going to be safe. 

Use all these simple tips to help you find the ideal car storage location for your vehicles and they'll stay in better condition during the off-season or until you're ready to use them again.