Winter Prep Using Storage Units

Admin | November 30, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

Canadian winters are well-known for being harsh. There is significant work to be done each year to get your home ready for the upcoming cold season. If you're worried about getting through all the work, you might be interested in how having access to Kelowna storage units can help you do more in less time. Learn how to leverage a good storage unit to get through your winter prep sooner and to get your home ready for the upcoming season. 

Stash Summer Vehicles Away

It's common to drive two sets of vehicles depending on the season. If this sounds like you, having access to self-storage in Kelowna can make a big difference for you. Instead of cluttering your garage, or keeping your summer vehicle out with just a cover for protection, stash it in self-storage. There are self-storage units that are large enough for a car or even a small truck. Get one of these units and put your ride away for the winter to keep it in pristine condition. You'll keep your vehicles in better shape for longer with this strategy, and you won't have to spend a significant amount to do so either. 

Get Out Useful Winter Equipment

As the weather gets colder and snowfall becomes more likely, there's a whole variety of tools, equipment, and clothing items that become more useful. You can keep all of these things out of the way during the warm months in self-storage, and then easily take them out as the temperatures drop. Take out your shovels, snow blower, salt, cold-weather clothing, winter tires, chains, and everything else. These supplies will help you handle all the different challenges that cold weather conditions leave you with. As long as you have these important tools stored in a storage unit, you can get them out quickly and immediately be ready for the cold weather. 

Put Away Pool Supplies

Your swimming pool likely won't get any use during the winter. That means you need a place to stash your pool maintenance equipment, pool toys, and everything else. With storage in Kelowna, you'll have a location for all that stuff to go. Put it all away and you'll have extra space in your garage and your other storage locations for everything else you need. By putting your pool equipment in storage you keep it accessible for next year and you'll protect it more effectively than many other storage solutions could. 

Put Away Yard Items and Furniture

During the winter yard work isn't as necessary and many of the outdoor items you depend on in the summer are no longer needed. That means that lawnmowers, lawn equipment, and those outdoor toys all need to be stashed to keep them in good condition. Use your storage units in Kelowna to hold all your yard equipment, furniture, and tools during the cold months. You'll clear your yard of clutter, and protect all your valuables until you're ready to use them again. This step is quick and easy, but it shouldn't be ignored unless you want to replace this equipment each season. 

Getting ready for the winter months means packing up a great deal, and getting your extra tools and equipment ready to go. Investing in quality self-storage space can help you do all of this and more in less time. Invest in space that's convenient to your home and you'll be prepared for winter in record time.