How Many Boxes Do I Need for Moving Homes or into Storage?

Admin | January 28, 2022 @ 12:00 AM

When it comes to moving homes or apartments or simply deciding to put extra clutter into self storage, you might be wondering how many boxes you will need. Unfortunately, this can depend upon your situation and there isn’t a one answer fits all. However, by asking yourself some important questions and applying some tips and tricks, you can get a better estimate! 

Question One: How Big is My Home?

You’ll want to first determine how many square feet your home is. Although not perfect, a 400 - 700 feet home may need 7 - 15 small boxes, 9 - 15 medium boxes, 6 large boxes, etc. These numbers will go up by the size of your house. Another way is to count by the number of rooms and their specific purposes. 

Tip One: Remove Clutter!

Using boxes to move or put things into storage can get expensive over time that’s why we recommend that you remove any clutter. Chances are there are some items that you no longer need. Donate, sell, or toss them away. 

Question Two: What Type of Boxes Am I Using?

Knowing how many boxes you will need depends on the type you’re using. In addition to size, factors such as durability are also important to consider as you’re transitioning your items into storage units

Tip Two: Use Good Material! 

While it might be cheaper to hit up the grocery store to see if they have any extra boxes, using professional moving boxes is always a better call. 

Question Three: What am I Transporting? 

Not all items need boxes and some items need special care. Make sure you take an inventory of any special items such as appliances or fragile items that will need extra care when packing. 

Tip Three: Use an Expert Storage Service!

Whether you’re wanting to hold items as you move between homes or just need to make more space in your current home, be sure to use an expert service like Airport Village Self Storage.

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How many boxes you need for moving or putting items into storage depends upon how big your home is, how many items you have, what kind of possessions you have, and what type of boxes you’re using. Finally, when storing items make sure you use an expert storage service like Airport Village Self Storage. Contact them to learn more about their rates!