Use Self-Storage This Fall to Help Your In-Laws

Admin | October 26, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

Have you noticed your in-laws' home is getting cluttered?  Are you not sure how to help?  You might feel uncomfortable offering since they aren’t your own parents. However, your outside perspective could be much appreciated and a great chance to build a strong relationship with your spouse’s parents.

Here are some tips for organizing their home, their garage, and their storage units. If your in-laws need self-storage in Kelowna, Airport Village Self Storage has lots of units. Some include a drive-up option providing easy access for your in-laws. 

Organizing the Home

When in-laws become empty nesters, the house can become overwhelming to maintain. Walkthrough the home with your in-laws and find out which spaces they are actually using on a daily basis. Provide some home organization by removing any clutter that might be competing for much-needed countertop and desk space.

Once you have removed extra clutter, have an honest conversation with your in-laws. Do they really need this stuff? Does it need to be in-home storage? Can it be donated or given to one of their children? Make it clear to them and your spouse’s siblings this is not an attempt to get these items for yourself. You just want to offer home storage ideas to make their home feel spacious and functional. 

Organizing the Garage

After years of neglect, garages can become so cluttered the cars no longer fit inside. You can help your in-laws park in their garage again by offering some garage storage solutions. Look to see what space is available up high. Installing some large hooks in the ceiling will free up much-needed floor space for the cars.

You can use those hooks to hang backpacks, bikes, or even garden tools. If your in-laws have a fridge or freezer in the garage, see what shelving you can install above them for some added storage space. Seasonal and large, bulky items are best stored in self-storage. 

Organizing the Self-Storage Units

The simplest and easiest way to help your in-laws organize their home is by helping them get the most out of their self-storage units. If they have storage in Kelowna that is close by, they’ll be able to access it often to get what they need. Here are some moving and packing tips when adding more of their belongings to their storage unit.

  • Label each box and bin clearly. Don’t just write “home decor.”  Be sure to include what is actually inside the box so they won’t have to open the box to figure out what is inside. “Vases for flowers, artificial greenery, Grandma’s table runners” will let your in-laws know whether this is the box they need. 

  • Divide the seasonal decor by holiday and time of year. Your Halloween decorations might include some items that work for the fall season as well. Put all the goblins, witches, and skeletons in one box, and all the pumpkins, fall leaves, and burlap ribbon in another. That way your in-laws can get a jump on decorating for the fall season in September before turning their home into a spooky place for trick-or-treaters. You can do the same by separating out Christmas decorations from those that work all winter long. 

  • Help organize a storage unit. Airport Village has spacious options for self-storage in Kelowna. With their online specials, you’ll get more space for your dollar making it easy for the in-laws to see everything in their unit. 

  • Inform the family what is going into their Kelowna storage units. They might be upset if they walk into their parents’ house and see that Grandma’s table runner is missing. Or worse, might accuse you of taking it. If they know in advance that these precious items are safe and secure in a climate-controlled storage unit, they’ll appreciate what you’ve done to help your in-laws have a home they can enjoy. 

This fall season, let your in-laws know how much you appreciate all that they’ve done for you and your spouse by offering to help them with their home organization. Using self-storage will make the task easy. Conveniently located off HWY 97 across from the airport, Airport Village Self Storage in Kelowna’s state of the art brand new facility is the solution that will make your in-laws grateful you have joined the family. Check out their online deals today.