3 Ways for Storing Your Items Effectively

Admin | December 16, 2019 @ 12:00 AM

You’re ready to place your items into self-storage, but you’re not sure how to get started. Lucky for you, we do. Try using these tips from our team at Airport Village Self-Storage to make storing your items simple, safe and secure. 

Label and Organize  

Storage units can be a great way to reduce clutter and free up needed space at your home or office. But if you don’t keep things organized, it can quickly become difficult to locate items when you need them. By taking a few simple steps as you move your valuables into storage, you can make your entire storage experience better. 

The first step is simple: organize, organize, organize. Many people like to arrange their stored items by location — things for the living room, things for the bedroom and things from the garage. Others like to store like items together — all the linens in one box, kitchen utensils in a bin and all the camping supplies in a bag. 

However, you choose to organize your valuables, make sure everything is labeled. You should be able to know what’s in a container without having to open it and see. 

As you move into your storage unit, place items where labels can easily be read. Store items you will need to access more frequently near the door and items you don’t plan on using at the back. 

Store Safely 

Self-storage units offer a secure place to house your valuables. Often, these units are more secure than the average home. Each unit is locked and protected by a fenced perimeter, surveillance cameras, gated entry, exterior lighting and a combination of security guards and onsite management. 

But you can make the interior of your storage unit safer as well. 

Instead of stacking and balancing boxes into a leaning tower of storage, try using shelves inside your unit. Shelves or tables provide a sturdy base for your valuables and will help keep your unit organized. 

Always store heavier items at the base of your unit with lighter items near the top. 

Take care with how you store potentially hazardous items, like the leftover materials from your last renovation project. Check that chemicals are stored in the proper containers and that they can achieve the right amount of ventilation while in storage. 

Get Insurance 

During our time in the Kelowna self-storage industry, we’ve seen that the best thing you can do to have peace of mind is to secure insurance for your valuables. These policies will replace your items if they are stolen or damaged while in storage. Self-storage insurance is often cheaper than homeowner’s or renter’s insurance.

With our state of the art security and protected units, you’ll probably never need to cash in on your insurance, but it sure is nice to know you have it if you need it. 

Our team is happy to help you secure a policy for your valuables and answer any other questions you may have about organizing and storing items safely. Give us a call today!