COVID-19 Moving and Packing Tips in Kelowna

Admin | November 9, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

Moving is a challenging task at any time, but it's even more difficult to do safely and properly when COVID-19 restrictions are in place. If you're planning a big move, it's important to learn how to go through the steps safely and while following the local codes and restrictions.

From loading up a moving truck to storing items at your local Kelowna self-storage facility, you need to do things a certain way to stay safe. Learn how to move during COVID-19 while limiting your exposure throughout the process with our simple guide. 

Buy Moving Supplies all At Once

Most big moves require a large number of boxes, wrapping papers, bubble wrap, tape, and more. All these items can be conveniently sourced from your local moving company. When you prepare for your upcoming move, try and buy all the supplies that you'll need at one time.

Avoid going back for supplies again and again for items by buying more than you think is necessary upfront. Taking this approach will help you get all that you need to move, and you'll spend less time around others, which is an important consideration when COVID-19 restrictions are in place. 

Package and Move Your Own Things When Possible

It's tempting to ask for help from local moving companies or to have lots of friends come over to help you move. While taking this approach will help you get the work done sooner, it can also risk exposing you to COVID-19 that you don't want to contract.

In an effort to protect yourself, you can reduce your exposure risk by handling many of the moving tasks on your own. Package up your own belongings when possible and move the smaller items yourself as well. By only asking for help for the large items you can reduce your risk considerably.

If you do end up hiring a moving company to help you, consider staying out of your home while they work to protect yourself, or sticking to a part of the home they aren't accessing to move your belongings if they require someone there while doing the work. 

Access Storage and Complete Moving Tasks During Off-Peak Times

As you're moving from one location to another, you'll have to be out in the public for some of the processes. Whether you're out in public spaces when loading and unloading the moving truck, or just when you visit your Kelowna storage units, it's important to try and limit your exposure to other people.

One way you can do this is by completing your move during off-peak hours. That means going to your Kelowna storage in the middle of the workday, early in the morning, or late at night. Try to get tasks done when fewer people are out and about and you'll find it easier to move and to stay away from others while doing so. 

Use Masks and Sanitize If Moving items with Others

Many people get help from others when completing a move. If you can't get access to close family members that you feel comfortable working with without protective measures, make sure that everyone involved has a mask and that they follow proper sanitization measures while you complete your move. 

By having some gloves, washing hands frequently, and making use of masks, you can all reduce your risk of spreading sickness between you, and you can still get help moving furniture and other large items effectively. Another useful tip is to try and take care of all the major moving during one set period, so you aren't exposing yourself to other people for many different days. Reduce your exposure and your risk at the same time. 

Consider COVID Donation Protocols at Local Sites

One of the best ways to rid yourself of extra items you don't want before a big move is to donate them to thrift stores and other non-profits nearby. You can likely still use these options during COVID-19 restrictions, but make sure you know about the policies of your local donation sites before you try this.

There may be limited drop-off times or even additional restrictions you have to follow. Keep the regulations in mind when you donate and you shouldn't have any issues. 

Give Yourself More Time to Move

Everything takes a bit longer than normal during a pandemic such as COVID-19. That's why it's wise to give yourself a few more days to complete your move than you normally would. Set aside as much free time as you can to get through all your moving tasks and don't try to rush through the steps.

Instead, take your time and follow the proper safety protocols to reduce your risk of infection exposure while moving. Having access to a good Airport Village Self-Storage space can give you the added room to move at a more leisurely pace.

Consider storage facilities near you, and get the space you need to move efficiently and safely while handling all the necessary COVID-19 protocols that you're expected to.