Taking Out Your Halloween Decorations in Self-Storage

Admin | September 30, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

The air is getting a little crisper and the leaves are changing into gold, orange, and scarlet. Halloween is coming soon and it’s time to decorate for the spookiest season of the year. Here are some tips for getting your Halloween decorations out of self-storage, making your home more festive,  and storing them afterward. 

Getting Your Halloween Decorations Out of Self-storage

If you use Airport Village Self Storage in Kelowna for your holiday storage, you’ll find your decorations in great condition. The only spiders in the boxes will be the fake ones you purchased. However, it has been a year, and you might have forgotten what you have. When you bring your Halloween storage back into your home, you’ll want to have the following supplies at the ready: 

  • Scissors 
  • Hot glue gun 
  • Dust cloth 
  • Double-sided tape
  • Adhesive re-usable wall hooks 

Begin by cleaning and inspecting each item for any damage. Sometimes a dab of hot glue is all your scarecrow needs. Others might be too worn for repair. If so, consider taking it apart so that you can use the ribbons, raffia, or stuffing for other projects. 

Look at each year as a chance to start fresh with your decor. Re-usable wall hooks give you the flexibility to hang your decor wherever you’d like. Additionally, give yourself permission not to use everything you have every single year. Trends come and go. Hold onto your holiday storage, and you’ll discover new uses and purposes in the future. Thankfully, self-storage in Kelowna makes it easy to keep your home clutter-free while giving each new season a fresh new look. 

Using Your Halloween Decorations in Your Home

When decorating your home with your holiday storage, look for ways to replace everyday items to avoid your home from looking too crowded. Pack those items into your Halloween storage boxes and put them back into your self-storage unit to remind you what you replaced.  

To give your home a festive look, it’s better to group your Halloween decor into a few spots around your home rather than scattering them in random places. Just three Halloween items grouped together on the fireplace mantle can give the whole room a spooky feel. 

The best places to decorate are where the eye goes first. Focus on the front entryway, coffee tables, and near large artwork. Your entire home will become a haunted house with just a few strategic spots filled with jack-o-lanterns and ghosts. 

Putting Your Halloween Decorations Back into Self-storage

Before you begin to pack your Halloween decorations back in boxes, there are few things you need to do. First, take pictures. This can remind you of what you did in case you want some inspiration for next year. Next, pull out your hot glue gun and scissors. Inspect each item and see if they need any repair before returning them to the self-storage unit. Last, hit the stores for post-holiday discounts. Now is the time to replace anything that is broken or no longer usable. 

As you put your decor back into holiday storage, be sure to divide your Halloween decorations into two categories: fall and Halloween. Some items, like a plain pumpkin or silk fall leaves, can decorate your home from September until Christmas. Other items like a spooky witch or green-eyed bat are best just for October. When you return to your self-storage unit next year, you’ll know exactly which boxes to grab first.  

Decorating your home for each holiday can be expensive if you buy new items each year, or they become damaged falling from the top shelf in your closet. Kelowna self-storage like at Airport Village can save you stress and money. You know your items are safely waiting for you in a safe, secure place. You’ll more likely purchase fewer items and have a nice de-cluttered home to enjoy all throughout the year. For more self-storage tips and pricing options, check out Airport Village Self Storage in Kelowna today.